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About ITU iLibrary

Every year, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) publishes around 40 new titles specifically focused on science and technology. In particular the following topics are covered:

    • Accessibility
    • Broadband
    • Broadcasting
    • Climate Change
    • Cybersecurity
    • eHealth
    • Emergency Communications
    • Internet Technologies
    • Maritime
    • Networks
    • Space Research and Satellite Communication
    • Radiocommunication and Spectrum Management​

These publications are now available online in a single research repository, the ITU iLibrary at itu-ilibrary.org.Titles are organised alphabetically, by series and by year. You can search to discover complete publications, or even their components – articles and chapters.

ITU iLibrary has been developed in partnership with OECD Publishing and the OECD iLibrary.

23 April 2018: Press Release (PDF): Latest global information and communication technology data and reporting now available through new ITU iLibrary digital platform

Content and Access for all

ITU iLibrary offers wide ranging research and knowledge to a variety of audiences:

    • Universities and research organisations
    • Businesses and private sector
    • Government and public administrations
    • Non-governmental organisations and think tanks
    • Libraries

All content is available to access in PDF format for subscribers, more recent content is also offered in ePub format; and full READ access for all users by clicking the READ icon. READ editions are optimised for browser-enabled mobile devices and can be read online wherever there is an internet connection - desktop computer, tablets or smart phones. They are also shareable and embeddable.

Content items (September 2020):

    • 506 ebook titles
    • 4 477 chapters

Download a
brochure (PDF) detailing the ITU Library service

Subscription Information

Full access to ITU iLibrary is offered as an annual subscription covering all content in all formats available on the site. Only one subscription product is offered. 

Benefits of a subscription:

    • registration to manage institution-wide access via IP authentication and/or username/password login.
    • unlimited number of concurrent institutional users.
    • perpetual access to subscribed content
    • subscription support features such as COUNTER-compliant usage statistics and bibliographic records in MARC21 XML format.

Any institution interested in subscribing should consult the nearest OECD sales contact for further information:

About International Telecommunications Union

ITU allocates global radio spectrum and satellite orbits, develop the technical standards that ensure networks and technologies seamlessly interconnect, and strive to improve access to ICTs to underserved communities worldwide.

Today, ICTs underpin everything ITU does. They help manage and control emergency services, water supplies, power networks and food distribution chains. They support health care, education, government services, financial markets, transportation systems, e-commerce platforms and environmental management. And they allow people to communicate with colleagues, friends and family anytime, and almost anywhere.

With the help of a global membership, ITU brings the benefits of modern communication technologies to people everywhere in an efficient, safe, easy and affordable manner.

ITU membership reads like a Who's Who of the ICT sector. ITU is unique among UN agencies in having both public and private sector membership. So in addition to the 193 Member States, ITU membership includes ICT regulators, many leading academic institutions and some 700 tech companies.

In an increasingly interconnected world, ITU is the single global organization embracing all players in this dynamic and fast-growing sector.

More information about the International Telecommunication Union at www.itu.int/en/about/.

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