A Handbook on How to Implement mTobaccoCessation

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The main objective of this handbook is to assist countries in putting together a detailed work plan for the development and deployment of a national level mCessation program. This handbook outlines the considerations and decisions to be made in planning for a national level mTobaccoCessation programme and provides guidance on some of the technical aspects of implementation. This has been prepared by an international group of experts in mTobaccoCessation for WHO and ITU, to be used by governments, ministries and other relevant national organizations. It handbook: • Explains key components of setting up a program for mHealth (specifically mCessation in this case) Provides a template for a Planning and Implementation Document (PID) for each country/ instance based on the decisions made by that country. • ncludes a sample Technical Specifications Document developed in conjunction with the Costa Rica Ministry of Health to be given to their IT system provider outlining system requirements. • Details to inform a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) plan for each country, including examples of commonly used participant feedback questions. In addition, the annexes provide further detail, templates and examples of specific aspects: • Annex 1: A description of current, available mTobaccoCessation programmes, and considerations for the development of new mTobaccoCessation programmes. • Annex 2: A library of existing message libraries suggested by the informal expert groups that can be used by countries for their own adaptation • Annex 3: Suggested tec


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