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The ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries publishes original research on ICT technical developments and their policy and regulatory, economic, social and legal dimensions. It builds bridges between disciplines, connects theory with application, and stimulates international dialogue. This interdisciplinary approach reflects ITU’s comprehensive field of interest and explores the convergence of ICT with other disciplines. It also features review articles, best practice implementation tutorials and case studies. The ITU Journal welcomes submissions at any time, on any topic within its scope.


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Beyond MAD?

The race for artificial general intelligence

Artificial intelligence research is a source of great technological advancement as well as ethical concern, as applied AI invades diverse aspects of human life. Yet true artificial general intelligence remains out of reach. Based on the history of deeply transformative technologies developed by multiple actors on the global stage and their consequences for global stability, we consider the possibility of artificial general intelligence arms races and propose solutions aimed at managing the development of such an intelligence without increasing the risks to global stability and humanity.


Keywords: arms races, AI Treaty, MAD, AGI, global coordination, AI safety
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