Connectivity Challenges and Opportunities Bolivia

Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) in the Americas Region

The objective of this report is to make a series of recommendations and propose a project for Bolivia to improve the use of ICTs, seeking synergies between Bolivia and Paraguay, the two LLDCs in South America, with a view to instituting active collaboration and proposing common or shared projects to facilitate effective implementation in their territories. To this end, the report will analyse Bolivia’s status and evolution in terms of the main ICT indicators, benchmarking with the developed countries, the developing countries, the rest of the LLDCs and the other countries of South America. Both legal and regulatory aspects will be considered, as well as connectivity, services and prices. It will be important to differentiate between different regions or departments of each country, and also between access, national backbone and international connectivity. This is followed by a review of the use of ICTs in the main economic, public and social sectors of each country, identifying initiatives that can lead to improved efficiency of each sector and more effective proposals for new and innovative services for the population and businesses. The report will then go on to analyse the challenges that Bolivia faces and explore opportunities and joint actions to significantly improve the development of ICTs, increase the country’s specific weight in the region and accelerate the current growth trend. Last but not least, a number of recommendations will be formulated for improving the use of ICTs.


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