Connectivity Challenges and Opportunities Paraguay

Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs) in the Americas Region

The objective of this report is to make a series of recommendations for Paraguay to improve the use of ICTs. It will also outline synergies between Bolivia and Paraguay, and propose some common or shared projects. To do so, the report will analyse the evolution of ICT indicators in Paraguay, compared with both developed and developing countries, other Landlocked Developing Countries and countries in South America. The report examineS both legal and regulatory aspects, and those related to connectivity, services and prices. It will differentiate between different areas in each country, and between access, national backbone and international connectivity. It will further review the use of ICT in economic, public, and social sectors of each country. It also identifies initiatives, which can lead to improvements in the efficiency of each sector, proposes new and innovative services, and analyses the challenges and opportunities for Paraguay to significantly improve the development of ICTs.


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