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Data-driven Intra-prediction Modes in the Development of the Versatile Video Coding Standard

Abstract – In this paper, intra-prediction modes for video coding that were designed using data-driven methods are presented. These predictors were incorporated into a test model of the emerging versatile video coding (VVC) standard and yield compression benefit over state-of-the-art intra-prediction tools. However, most of the use cases for video coding require severe complexity and memory restrictions, in particular at the decoder side. As data-driven methods typically result in predictors that are described by a large set of parameters and operations, satisfying these constraints turned out to be a difficult task. The purpose of this paper is to outline key steps in the complexity reduction of the trained intra-prediction modes that were discussed in the VVC standardization activity. These simplifications finally led to matrix-based intra-prediction (MIP) which is part of the current VVC draft international standard.


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