Information Society Statistical Profiles 2009


This report highlights the latest ICT developments in the Americas region and presents key statistical indicators for each country. The report also features a regional analysis of the ITU ICT Development Index (IDI) and the ICT Price Basket, two ICT benchmarking tools that were launched in March 2009. I am confident that the findings of the report as well as the resulting policy conclusions will provide useful inputs to our members in preparation of the WTDC-10.When it comes to information society developments in the Americas region, a promising development is mobile cellular uptake, and several of the region’s developing countries have a higher level of mobile penetration than its developed countries. During the past few years, mobile telephony has grown rapidly and is likely to exceed 100 per cent penetration in most countries in the near future. It is notable that no other region has such a strong presence of strategic investors, which account for three out of every four mobile subscriptions in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Americas region also stands out in terms of VoIP traffic, which has been growing steeply in Central and South America.


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