Manual for Measuring ICT. Access and Use by Households and Individuals 2014

This publication is the second edition of the ITU Manual for Measuring ICT Access and Use by Households and Individuals. This Manual has been prepared to support countries in their efforts to collect and disseminate information and communication technology (ICT) statistics, based on internationally agreed definitions and standards. The impressive growth in ICT infrastructure and uptake during the past decade has led to an increasing demand for accurate and comparable data and statistics on ICT. Household surveys are an important source of ICT statistics as they provide invaluable insights into how and where people access and use ICTs, and help in assessing how ICTs impact people’s lives. Household survey-based data are required to monitor national and international ICTrelated development goals and targets, including those of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, and the Millennium Development Goals. The growth and development of the information society require a continuous review of existing ICT indicators and their definitions. Therefore, a key component of ITU’s statistical work is the development and revision of international standards used to monitor the progress towards becoming information societies. The revision of this Manual was carried out through ITU’s Expert Group on ICT Household Indicators (EGH). The EGH was created in 2012, following a recommendation by the 10th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting, held in Mauritius in December 2011. The main mandate of EGH is to review the core indicators on ICT household access and individual use and to revise and update the ITU Manual.


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