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New technology brings new opportunity for telecommunication carriers

Artificial intelligent applications and practices in telecom operators' practices

In the era of “computational intelligence, perceptional intelligence and cognitive intelligence” as the main direction for the future, telecom operators are on their way to building their own artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem. In terms of developing AI technology, telecom operators have unique resources and technology advantages: big data resources, superior computing power, lots of investment in AI algorithmic research, broad government and enterprise customer resources. By making full use of these strengths, they have carried out a series of effective practices in the various field and achieved constructive results. This report will be arranged as follows. In the first part, the history and the development status of AI has been introduced, as well as the Chinese powerful policy which was released to support its development. In the second part, the unique advantages for operators to develop AI have been introduced, whilst in the meantime, the AI development idea for telecom operators has been provided. In the third part, in order to be more persuasive, the practice of AI by telecom operators in multiple -fields, which aims to satisfy the internal requirements and meet the customer’s needs, has been described. Finally, based on the current development trends of AI, its future prospects are has been made by this report. Undoubtedly, in the future, operators will further use their advantages to explore more AI development opportunities.


Keywords: telecom operators, development idea, unique advantages, best practice, artificial intelligence
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