Regulation of Global Broadband Satellite Communications

This paper sets out the universe of broadband satellite technology and explains why it is so vital for the expansion of multimedia services and applications around the world. In order to help readers fully appreciate the potential of satellites, this paper will briefly describe their system architectures, the technical characteristics of air interfaces4 and the different broadband services and applications that can be delivered through satellite systems. The paper also deals with international, regional, and national practices for satellite system approaches for broadband delivery. Satellites as a component of IMT Advanced and the use of satellites for disaster relief work are then explained. ITU practices for use of spectrum/orbit resource and some of the important satellite coordination issues that have the potential to block new satellites (including the ones that may serve the broadband markets) and that are to be discussed during the ITU World Radio communication Conference-12 (WRC-12) early in 2012, are also highlighted. Aspects concerning the economics of satellites systems and market entry issues are followed by thoughts on best satellite regulation practices and challenges to further broadband access for all.


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