Report on the World Summit on the Information Society Stocktaking 2008

The aim of this report is to update stakeholders on activities undertaken by governments and other organizations with regard to the achievement of WSIS objectives and targets in the period of time from end 2005 to mid 2008. This report is a continuation of the WSIS Stocktaking Report series, which was officially launched at the Tunis Summit in November 2005, and that time reflecting the flagship activities carried out by the WSIS stakeholders during the two phases of the Summit and submitted to the WSIS Stocktaking Information System. The WSIS stocktaking process was initiated by the WSIS Executive Secretariat in October 2004, aiming to provide an inventory of activities carried out by governments and other stakeholders (international organizations, business companies, civil society and other entities) in order to mark the progress accomplished in pursuance of WSIS goals.


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