Roadmap for the Transition from Analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television in Sri Lanka

The roadmap for transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television broadcasting in Sri Lanka covers the short term digital switch-over (DSO) and long term DSO objectives and the activities managed by the NRT. However, this report does not include: The introduction of Mobile TV, because frequency channel in UHF band is exhausted by current TV broadcasting services. Nevertheless, mobile TV remains a long term DSO objective. The introduction of digital radio. In this case, digital radio remains a long term DSO objective and will be reviewed once the analogue switch-off (ASO) has been completed. The Sri Lanka television market is characterized by a great number of national and commercial TV services and a wide choice of TV platforms (analogue and digital cable, satellite TV, IPTV). The TV market in Sri Lanka is mainly a free-to-air terrestrial TV market with a total of 23 TV licence holders. Sixteen broadcasters are currently in operation. The aim of the roadmap is reflected in the DSO objectives.


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