Security in Telecommunications and Information Technology 2006

An overview of issues and the deployment of existing ITU-T Recommendations for secure telecommunications

This manual provides an overview of security in telecommunications and information technologies, describes practical issues, and indicates how different aspects of security in today’s applications are addressed by ITU-T. The manual has a tutorial character: it collects security related material from ITU-T Recommendations into one place and explains respective relationships. The manual covers additional aspects of security, in particular those that relate to availability – for which ITU-T has a great deal to offer – and to environmental damage in which area ITU-T is also active. It also includes results achieved on security-related standardization since the second edition. Further, aspects covered are based on existing work, not on work in progress, which will be addressed in future editions of this manual. The intended audience for this manual includes engineers and product managers, students and academia, as well as regulators who want to better understand security issues in practical applications.


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