Strategies for the Promotion of Broadband Services and Infrastructure: A Case Study on TFYR Macedonia

The major goal of this study is to analyze and review TFYR Macedonia’s progress in deploying broadband networks and services, particularly in the context of various regional initiatives and European Union (EU) efforts to promote the development of ultrafast broadband, as well as other relevant aspects of the Digital Agenda. This case study focuses on legal and regulatory developments, while referring to other important SEE initiatives and the Digital Agenda. Section 2 briefly summarizes key demographic, political and economic variables for The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Section 3 addresses the situation of broadband in TFYR Macedonia, giving an overview of fixed and mobile broadband markets. Section 4 discusses the current legal and regulatory frameworks, while Section 5 describes Macedonia’s obligations deriving from EU and regional initiatives. Finally, Section 6 draws conclusions and summarizes the lessons learned from TFYR Macedonia’s experience deploying broadband.


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