Wireless Broadband Masterplan until 2020 for the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

This report has been prepared for the purposes of providing an analysis of the current state of the Viet Nam wireless broadband capability and to provide recommendations for the development of effective wireless broadband technology. It also considers key regulatory aspects for the provision of wireless broadband services. The Government of Viet Nam is committed to a national strategy to strengthen the information and communication technology sector in Viet Nam with countrywide broadband information infrastructure, where access the Internet will be predominantly via wireless broadband. As such wireless broadband – both terrestrial and in more remote mountainous parts of the country satellite services – is essential to the economy and social fabric of Viet Nam and its people. Given the Viet Nam success in driving one of the world’s highest rates of mobile penetration, the challenge now is to embrace convergence and facilitate the use of broadband by this large installed base of mobile subscribers. This requires both infrastructure – provided on a cost effective manner so that prices are affordable – and content. On both fronts, there remain challenges.


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