WSIS Stocktaking

Success Stories 2011. Case Studies

This is the first edition of the success stories publication prepared within the framework of World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Stocktaking Process. It contains set of case studies to be presented at the WSIS Forum 2011 in Geneva. The WSIS Forum builds upon tradition of the annual Cluster of WSIS Related Meetings, and since 2009 is held every year following an open consultation process which brings together different stakeholders involved in the WSIS Process who shape the information society of tomorrow. the main role of the WSIS Stocktaking is to maintain a public database which showcases the wide range of reported actions undertaken by different stakeholders to achieve the targets set in the WSIS Outcome Documents. Similarly, this publication Success Stories 2011 aggregates several voluntary contributions from around the world that were collected during the period 2010-2011, and illustrates key lessons drawn from the management of these projects. Success Stories 2011 aim at encouraging the others to share their experiences from the WSIS implementation. This specific set of case studies presented in this publication was compiled on a voluntary basis and provides valuable knowledge that could be transmitted to other stakeholders.


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